Well-Known Oakville Bakery Opens Toronto Shop


You can now eat your feelings - try the dreamy, creamy gluten-free Gateau Marcel and the berry Spandaur - Oakville-style while treating yo’self to retail therapy in Toronto.

If you’re a big fan of authentic European baking (who isn’t, really?) and exceptional service, you might be pleased to learn The Danish Pastry House, which has operated along Cornwall Rd., just west of Chartwell Rd., for a few years, is about to unveil a brand new location in the $550 million Sherway Gardens expansion wing (it’s 250,000 sq. ft. and anchored by Nordstrom), complete with a Viking ship motif.

This means there’s another option for a fabulous cup of joe at Sherway — anyone who’s traveled overseas knows what I’m talking about!

Let’s wax lyrical about the menu.

The bakery offers all the authentic staples which most popular Danish establishments specialize in: pastries, freshly baked handmade bread (with no preservatives), butter cookies, rum balls, and Kontra coffee. 

Founder Anita Lauritsen began baking during childhood and has recruited some of Denmark’s finest pastry chefs, who could create those 27 layers blindfolded (they probably can, though). 

The shop - also at Toronto’s Scotia Plaza - takes custom orders; Oakville’s location is bright, airy, and offers seating if you’d like to devour your baked goods and caffeine on the spot.

While you’re there, try the peach-topped Copenhagen Cheesecake.

Their tentative opening date is Sept. 1.

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