What's Closed in Burlington Due to Flooding?


It’s the end of summer and extremely high water levels - plus plenty of rain - are continuing to damage the shoreline, likely making your favourite spots to frolic in Burlington still unsafe.

The City of Burlington closed the beach at Burlington Beach Regional Waterfront Park --also known as the Beachway -- last May.

Three months later, it remains closed due to high water levels.

Keep in mind, the playground, concessions, washrooms, parking and recreational trail are open.

Closures take place to protect public safety, according to the city, since there’s significant sand erosion and debris at the shoreline.

Across town, unsafe conditions caused by high water levels have resulted in closures in the following areas:

  • Informal paths along Tuck Creek from Regal Rd. to Tuck Park
  • The floating public docks and pedestrian ramps at the LaSalle Park Marina boat launch
  • The pedestrian bridge at the waterfront trail is also closed (at LaSalle Park)
  • The beach at Burlington Beach Regional Waterfront Park--the Beachway

Recent rains have damaged the banks of Tuck Creek below Regal Rd., making the informal trails very dangerous to any pedestrian or cyclist.

High water has also created unsafe conditions at the public boat launch and the pedestrian bridge leading to the LaSalle Park breakwater. The floating docks and pedestrian ramps have been removed until the lake level recedes, however, the public launch remains open.

Residents are warned to stay away from the noted creek block and park areas until the repairs have been made.

They’re also being reminded to exercise caution at waterfront parks during this period of record high lake levels.

Photos courtesy of the City of Burlington

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