What's Happening with Halton Municipal Elections


It’s time for a follow up to what has been happening with the municipal elections in Halton Region since the last time we looked at events happening during the campaign.

Oakville mayoral candidate proposes third option for Glen Abbey

On the heels of proposing to build a boutique hotel in downtown Oakville, mayoral candidate Julia Hanna has waded into another contentious topic the town has recently been dealing with: the fate of the Glen Abbey golf course.

Current mayor Rob Burton and council had voted to give Glen Abbey an official Heritage Designation, which would allow it to be protected from development, but the owners of the property, Clublink, have filed an appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board / Local Planning Appeals Tribunal (LPAT).

However, Hanna believes there is a third option that should be on the table.

“I believe that Oakville deserves better. Glen Abbey could be the Central Park of Oakville. As Mayor, I am committed to saving Glen Abbey for the benefit of all citizens; Glen Abbey as the Central Park of Oakville is an exciting prospect,” Hanna said.

This is reminiscent of a plan by an outgoing Mississauga politician to turn land in his ward into the “Central Park of Mississauga,” though the difference is Glen Abbey doesn’t have any homeowners living on a floodplain a bit more willing to sell and relocate.

John McLaughlin, a local lawyer also running for mayor, tweeted out this planning report from 2006 showing the plan for Glen Abbey was that “it was viable to develop the land for residential,” as he questioned the mayor’s commitment to ‘saving it’.

You can read more about the three mayoral candidates’ positions on Glen Abbey here.

Milton candidate misidentifying himself as incumbent councillor

Town Coun. Zeeshan Hamid, who is running for election to Halton Regional Council in Milton’s new Ward 4, posted a video raising concerns that one of his opponents in the race was misidentifying himself as “the incumbent regional councillor”.

Hamid sent an email to inhalton showing that Sammy Ijaz, also running for Ward 4 regional councillor, has been calling himself a councillor in his email signature.

At first I thought it was a mistake, but since then a number of people told me at the door that he introduced himself as the councillor. He got so used to it that he did the same thing at a recent debate,” Hamid continued.

Looking into this further, on a recent all candidates debate for Milton Ward 4 regional councillor, Ijaz was heard in his opening statement introducing himself to the audience as “your regional councillor for Ward 4”, which can be heard starting around the 2 minute mark.

If you think there was some slip of the tongue because of a lack of proficiency in English, Ijaz is speaking English quite clearly; he seemed fully aware of what he said.

Inhalton has reached out to Sammy Ijaz asking for a clarification, since Ward 4 is technically a new ward therefore no incumbent currently occupies it, but he has not responded as of this writing.

While Hamid, who is still a town councillor, identifies himself as a regional council candidate, there are some instances where a former councillor runs for his old position and uses the word ‘re-elect’ on his signs and literature. That is stretching the truth a bit, but it’s not illegal.

Burlington mayoral candidates debate ‘millennial’ issues

The three men and one woman running for the City of Burlington’s top job had a debate hosted by Millennials for Burlington on October 2 at B Town Sound discussing issues important to millennial voters and residents of Burlington.

Candidates answered questions on everything from development, transit, housing and daycare, with the final segment there was a lightning round of ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions.

Mayor Rick Goldring was the only candidate who said he supports the current official plan submitted to Halton region, and that downtown Burlington should be a mobility hub. He and Greg Woodruff were also the only candidates to say ‘yes’ to Waterdown becoming part of Burlington, while Coun. Marianne Meed Ward was the only one who said ‘no’ to the need for more parking in the city.

Another debate is planned for October 9 at Burlington Central High School hosted by the Federation of University Women.

Fake News?

A Reddit user posted this thread and it appears someone has taken advantage of the open to all to edit aspects of Wikipedia and decided to cause some mischief.

This Reddit user, ‘Barnezhilton’, said he was searching Wikipedia to figure out Mayor Burton’s age and saw that someone had edited his bio to show Hanna winning the election.

We won’t know the end result until October 22 who ends up being Oakville’s mayor, but suffice it to say this is more than a bit facetious.

Halton Region debates and candidate videos

Speaking of debates, if you’re looking for more opportunities to see the people running in your community, a Milton mayoral and council candidate debates and video introductions from various Halton Region candidates have been posted on the YourHalton TV YouTube channel for anyone’s perusal.

Bonus: Former Olympian to run for MP in 2019

And just to deviate somewhat, a very high profile name has thrown his hat into Canadian politics as a federal election approaches in 2019.

Adam van Koeverden, a former two time Olympic gold medalist and torch bearer at the Games, announced he would be seeking the nomination for the federal Liberal Party in the Milton riding.

More recently van Koeverden, 36, has shifted his focus from sport to advocacy work with organizations like the David Suzuki Foundation and Right to Play, which aims to teach children through educational games.

While he does not live in the riding, van Koeverden grew up in the north Oakville area. The Milton riding is currently held by Conservative MP Lisa Raitt, who has been representing the area since 2008.

Raitt won reelection in 2015, fending off her Liberal challenger by 5 points. 

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