Which Oakville Café is the Best? Here’s How You Can Have Your Say


The Town of Oakville is notorious for cute cafes to visit, and now residents can have their say in which one is the best.

How can residents have their say? By voting in the Talk of the Town Awards.

The Talk of the Town Awards was just launched by Visit Oakville this month. Each month Visit Oakville will be releasing a questionnaire over social media asking residents to vote for the business they think should win the month’s category.

Visit Oakville recently announced that the Talk of the Town Awards category for January 2019 will be ‘Best Cafe.’

The voting survey can be found on Visit Oakville’s TwitterFacebook and Instagram accounts or on the Visit Oakville website.

The survey will close at midnight on Dec. 19, 2018 and the winners will be announced over social media and in the Visit Oakville monthly newsletter.

Which cafe do you think should win?

Get voting, Oakville! 

Future monthly categories will be announced by Visit Oakville via social media.

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