Why does the street sign have a horse in front of a fence on it in Milton?


Published September 15, 2023 at 1:54 pm

Have you ever been out on a walk or running an errand in Milton and wondered, “Why does that street sign have a horse running in front of a fence on it?”

Well, according to local experts, here’s the reason.

The Town of Milton planning department said the street signs with the horse emblem are a decorative option used for some of the streets in the Hawthorne Village subdivision.

The Town has a detailed process by which a developer can request permission to install a decorative street name sign in a new neighbourhood,” said a spokesperson.

“If approval is granted by the Town, the developer is responsible for installing and paying for the decorative street name signs. All street name signs must be manufactured in accordance with Town standards. The Town inspects the installed signs before their final approval.”

In addition, because a decorative sign may cost more than the standard Town sign, developers contribute to a reserve fund so that when these decorative street name signs are replaced, they’re replaced with the same type of sign.

John McDonald, an expert in local history, said the signs point to Milton’s rich history of equine farms.

“Several horse farms once surrounded the town of Milton,” said McDonald.

“In fact, the very first horse to win the Queen’s Plate (in 1860) was owned by brothers John and James White. John lived in Milton and was the MPP for Halton riding at the time.

“There were several prominent farms in the area and many acres to the east of Milton were owned by the Willmott family for several generations.

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