Wine cellar, shopping, office space part of innovative design for Burlington storage facility


Published April 25, 2023 at 3:54 pm

A new development project could bring an innovative, multi-use facility to an under-utilized industrial area of Burlington.

The proposed Dymon Centre Facility at 5051 Harvester Rd. would see a five-storey storage facility as its prime usage, but plans also call for the building to house office space for rental, a retail outlet on the main floor, and a wine cellar for customers to store their prized vintages.

“All of these components are integrated into one building and all of those pieces are a part of it,” explained David McKay of MHBC Planning, a consultant for the project. “And the retail and office component provide a face to the main street so that there will be active usage on all sides.”

The Dymon concept started in Ottawa and has been sprouting in other locations in Ontario with the closest being in Etobicoke. The concept has earned praise for its unique approach of injecting much-needed vibrancy into areas that traditionally generate little public engagement.

The proposed Burlington location is a case in point. The Harvester location near Appleby Line has sat vacant for a long time.

“The public has been very accepting of these projects,” McKay continued. “(The plan) is very unique and it ticks off a lot of boxes that cities like to see such as active employment generation in an area that has been dormant.”

While other Dymon locations have even included residential units, that won’t be the case in Burlington due to zoning regulations.

However, McKay said if the project proceeds as planned what the public will see is an impressively designed structure that will be primarily used for storage by both the public and business. He said the office space will be high-end and the retail will be a Dymon store featuring a full range of home decor and storage products as well as custom kitchen and closet designs.

The proposed wine cellar may not be as large as in other Dymon locations, but it is expected to offer services such as wine clubs, lounge and event space.

At this point, the project is very much in its initial stages. A pre-application public consultation meeting will be held tonight (April 25) and after that, it could be more than a year before official plans proceed.




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