Winners Revealed in Burlington-Hamilton Burger War


Well, that was fun, and all of our pants are predictably tight.

But who needs pants when there are Christmas-themed onesies under the tree, begging to be opened and worn?

Votes have been tallied, numbers crunched, and we’ve got the Burlington and Hamilton winners for Novemburger.

There's one award in each city for the most Novemburgers sold, and another champ for Novemburger of the Year.

So who’s got the double-win on lock for Burlington? 

Boon Burger Cafe and its Beat the Heat concoction. 

It features a black bean patty, bacun, cheeze, bermuda mayo, sweet chili sauce, tzatziki, fresh veggies, house made bun and Doritos’ sweet chili heat chips — 1,165 burgers were sold. They even made a bun-less version.

The annual event was launched in 2014 as a way to bring new business to Hamilton restaurants while raising money for the United Way Halton & Hamilton.

The festival was an instant hit, according to organizers, with the 31 participating restaurants selling nearly 7,000 burgers in 30 days.

More restaurants have joined the movement, and subsequently, many patties have been formed and grilled to perfection.

This year’s event raised roughly $30,000.

At least three restos, which made our Top 5 Burgers in Burlington list took part.

Here’s how it works: Each restaurant creates a unique signature burger as their entry into the festival, which is then dubbed their 'Novemburger.'

Burger enthusiasts visit participating restaurants, scarf down the Novemburgers, and rate them online for 30 days.

The Hamilton champs?

HAMBRGR’s King William St. location takes the most Novemburgers sold (1,504) with its Le Royale With Cheese burger.

Nellie James Too takes the Novemburger of the Year honour for the Gobble Gobble Hey TOO! burger.

Here are the 10 top-selling Novemburgers in each city for the 2017 festival:


1,165 - Boon Burger Cafe

343 - Burro

295 - Lettuce Love Cafe

208 - Turtel Jack’s (Mapleview)

200 - Culaccino

155 - 5 West Brew Pub and Kitchen

146 - Turtle Jack’s (Appleby Line)

138 - RBG Greenhouse Cafe

125 - Coop Wicked Chicken

123 - Canyon Creek


1,504 - HAMBRGR (King William St.)

738 - Merit Brewing

722 - HAMBRGR (Ottawa St.)

454 - State and Main

407 - Lou Dawg’s Southern BBQ

384 - The Burnt Tongue (Locke)

314 - Green Bar

314 - Radius

313 - Collins Brewhouse

310 - Fishers Pier 4 Pub

Photos courtesy of Boon Burger

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