Wintery Weather Making A Return To Halton


Don’t let the slightly warmer weather get your hopes up, Halton. Wintery weather will be making a return sooner than expected.

A system of freezing rain, gusty winds and more snow is expected to hit parts of southern ontario, as the temperatures fall again by Friday. Colder temperatures are expected to linger into the weekend and next week.  

The precipitation will end early on Friday with temperatures then falling through the day,” Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham said. “The high temperatures will occur during the morning with temperatures falling below freezing for the afternoon throughout the region.”  

Temperatures in Halton are expected to feel like -2 by tomorrow morning, and fall to -6 by the evening. The below zero temperatures will continue into the weekend and into next week.

Forecasters are expecting a more consistent, colder pattern for the latter half of February.

Dress accordingly, Halton!

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