‘Words of wisdom’ by former students an inspiration for new Oakville public school students


Published September 21, 2023 at 11:05 am

W.H. Morden advice school students cards
Gr. 8 students at W.H. Morden Public School in Oakville were given some inspirational advice from former Gr. 8 students at the school as they kicked off the new school year. PEXELS PHOTO

Grade 8 students at W.H. Morden Public School in Oakville received a little friendly advice when they sat down to start this new school year.

The surprise advice on how to be the best version of themselves was left to them by former Grade 8 students.

“We talked about the importance of how they are the leaders of the school and how this is a year to really learn about themselves as they end their elementary journey,” said teacher Kimberly O’Driscoll, who shared the advice to her students as a way to inspire them through the school year. “I asked for volunteers to come to the front of the room to read and hold a card. One by one the students read their cards, while the rest of the class listened.

“At the end of each card, I posed the following questions to the students, ‘which one did you connect with the most and which one do you feel would be the most challenging for you?’ We then had a general discussion about how they felt about the words of wisdom and their year ahead.”

O’Driscoll saw this as a way for the students to make meaningful connections and learn from one another.

“I think it is always important that students learn from each other,” she said. “I was hoping that they would see that others go through the same changes they are or will experience as teens and that they are not alone in these changes. I wanted them to feel inspired as they begin their new school year, recognizing all the potential that is ahead of them.

“It was evident that they could see themselves reflected in the ideas presented and that it gave them something to consider when looking at one piece of advice that they could put into practice this year. They were pondering what words they would give at the end of the year.”

The former Grade 8 students were excited to share their ideas and motivate younger students.

“The kids who come back to volunteer are always the ones who loved their time at Morden and are happy to give back,” said O’Driscoll. “Anytime kids can learn from each other, it is going to be worthwhile. It fosters leadership, as well it builds relationships amongst different ages of students.”

The current Morden students found the advice inspirational.

“A lot of them involved schoolwork, friendships and extracurriculars, which are all things I find important,” said Charlotte, a Grade 8 student at the school. “I enjoyed reading different perspectives of students that came before me, and their advice.”

O’Driscoll says the advice cards will be hung around the classroom at the school as a reminder through the school year.

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