Adidas rolling out new concept store at Toronto Premium Outlets in Halton Hills


Published May 16, 2023 at 12:51 pm

FatFace Toronto Premium Outlets Halton Hills shopping

A new concept store from retail giant adidas is coming to Toronto Premium Outlets in Halton Hills later this year.

The Pulse is being aimed at value-seeking consumers, with four locations coming across Canada this year.

“Like the heartbeat of the sporting community, welcome to Pulse,” said Lesley Hawkins, VP of retail for adidas Canada, when speaking to Retail Insider.

“It’s going to offer an elevated experience with commercial products, along with a focus on activation and promotion. It will be our premium factory outlet concept for the foreseeable future.”

The current adidas factory outlet store at Toronto Premium Outlets will nearly double in size from 5,100 sq.ft. to more than 9,000 sq.ft., and take on the new branding of The Pulse.

The new Pulse concept will include both full-service and self-service areas.

“The value consumer has very different shopping styles. Not everybody wants self-service, so we’re really trying to make sure that we adjust our shopping experience to match the demands of the changing consumer,” Hawkins told Retail Insider.

Hawkins told the magazine that shoppers can expect more “premium finishes” and an overall elevated shopping experience.

“We haven’t yet rolled out our plans for 2024 and 2025. But as we continue to grow our Factory Outlet fleet or renovate existing doors, it will all be within The Pulse concept. It will continue to be for the foreseeable future for the value consumer.

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