York Regional Police are asking all residents for help in locating 22 year old Wanzhen Lu, the victim of an armed kidnapping.
Most residents probably don’t think of dirty money as being a contributor to high (and often unaffordable) housing prices, but a recent report says it’s a distinct problem — not just in the GTA, b
Broth, noodles, herbs, sprouts, and a variety of different meats. So simple but so amazingly delicious! Pho is a Vietnamese street food that has taken the world by storm.
Who doesn't have a go-to curry spot? There are days where you just crave a creamy and savoury curry with a 'pleasant kick' of spice and fresh naan.
Most residents probably don’t think of dirty money as being a contributor to high (and often unaffordable) housing prices, but a recent report says it’s a distinct problem — not just in the GTA, b
All residents are asked to be aware of a recent kidnapping incident.
Police made four arrests following an early morning armed robbery in Burlington.
Residents should be aware of a road closure this afternoon in Milton.At 5:10 p.m., police reported that they’re investigating a vehicle collision on Appleby Line.
If you’ve ever watched a movie in an old-fashioned theatre then you’ll know that there’s nothing quite like it. 
Here are the 5 hottest restaurants in Halton for the week of March 10 to March 16 based on the amount of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on inhalton.com.
Ah, spring - the time of year when animals come out of hibernation, flowers blossom, and the temperature (usually) gets a little warmer.
Food is always embedded in culture, and Greek food is no different! Grabbing a 'quick bite' isn't very common in Greek culture. Instead, dining is a family event.
A Canadian company made its way to the Oscars this year in a very unique way. 
There's a lot of news coming out of Starbucks.
Have you been in the mood for some exceptional pho and haven't been quite sure where to go to get it?
If you've stopped by the Burlington McDonald's located at 689 Guelph Line recently, then you may have noticed some pretty big changes. The interior of this McDonald's location was recentl
If you’ve fallen off the wagon a little bit in terms of your New Year’s resolution of eating healthier, it’s not too late to get back on track.
Pancake Tuesday 2019 recently passed (March 5) but it's never too early to start planning for next year (and years to come).
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day (and arguably the best...waffles anyone?) whether you're eating toast, oatmeal, or eggs.
The Food District opening is so close we can taste it.In fact, we literally got to taste it—and we weren't disappointed.
If you've fallen off the wagon in terms of your 'eating healthier' and 'working out more' New Year's resolutions and have been searching for a way to get back on track, then you're in luck.
If you’ve been thinking about popping the question to your significant other this year you may have realized that there can be a lot of prep involved.
When determining which country, city, neighbourhood, etc. you're going to live in, one of the main key factors you might consider is housing affordability.
Good news, it's almost April which means Old Man Winter will soon be officially gone for another year (queue the sigh of relief).
The LCBO recently launched a new and exciting pilot program.
Are you looking for a job that pays very well?If so, you might be happy to hear that, with the right skills, you can lock down a pretty salary in Oakville, Burlington or Milton.
Getting a haircut, your makeup done, or just treating yourself to a day at the salon can make you feel like a whole new person.
A recently released survey has revealed some shocking, but mostly positive, information surrounding employment numbers in Canada.
This Place: Inside this beautiful Burlington house you'll find spacious bedrooms, stunning staircases, high ceilings, beautiful bathrooms, and so much more.
While housing in Toronto and the GTA has been far from cheap for years, the lack of affordable homes in some of Canada's biggest cities has reached crisis levels and all levels of government are wo
Back in August of 2018, an article was published on inhalton.com regarding a developmen
Housing affordability is a major problem many Canadians are faced with.
After the devastating Ethiopian Airlines crash claimed the lives of 157 people on Sunday, March 10--including a family of six from Brampton--numerous countries announced that they would be grounding
Would you like your meal with a side of hauntings?
It’s a known fact that girls just want to have fun, and what’s more fun than a girls’ night out? In fact, they are so fun that there are wines named after them!
Toronto Pearson Airport has been in the news a lot lately, mainly because of flight cancellations and delays due to dangerous flying conditions.