Burlington City Council extending deadline for property tax payments


Burlington City Council has approved another extension for business owners and residents who still owe payments for their property taxes.

In late June, Council approved a motion that would allow those owing property tax installment payments will be able to hold off on paying them until August 31 without facing an additional late charge.  

Final tax bills will be mailed out to residents and property owners in July with due dates of August 20 and October 20.

Additionally, property owners who have been significantly impacted by the pandemic have the option to enroll in a new program being offered by the city--a monthly pre-authorized payment plan.

This plan will provide withdrawals from Aug. 1 to Dec. 1 to pay the remaining 2020 property taxes (April, August and October installments).

No penalty or interest will be charged to taxpayers enrolled in this plan.  The deadline to enroll is July 27.

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