CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Pair lauded for efforts to thwart 'porch pirates'


It’s that time of year when we’re seeing increased porch deliveries and, unfortunately, thefts of delivered goods from our porches.

Earlier this week, a video of a ‘porch pirate’ in Hamilton made the rounds on social media. Thankfully, the victim of that theft was refunded and the case was filed with police.

But earlier Friday (Dec. 13), a Hamilton Redditor posted a video of two FedEx delivery men making a concerted effort to make sure the package they were delivering wouldn’t be spotted by potential thieves.

To the amazingly kind postal workers that thought ahead, THANK YOU!!!! from r/Hamilton

In the home security video, posted to a Hamilton Reddit page by user ryulaaswife, the two workers hide the special delivery behind a couple of blue boxes to keep the package hidden from view.

The response from people on Reddit has been quite effusive in praise for the delivery drivers’ actions.

W2G FedEx Employees though! I know this season is like crazy for driving, and increase of parcels. Hope Santa tasks you for easy Elf duty soon!” wrote one user.

These guys need an award,” wrote another Redditor.

The grateful recipient of the package said a call has been placed to FedEx to ensure the kindness of the pair is recognized.

User andydoania, who claims to work with the FedEx workers, posted a picture of the pair later Friday noting that: “They appreciate the kind words and now they know we appreciate them!”

See? It’s not always bad news. Merry Christmas, guys!

He’s a picture of the hard working delivery drivers we saw securing packages yesterday. They appreciate the kind words and now they know we appreciate them! from r/Hamilton

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