Healthcare CEO tops list of Oakville service employees on Ontario Sunshine List


Published March 30, 2023 at 11:47 am

Ontario's Sunshine List is out and a host of Oakville public sector employees made the list of those earning above $100,000 annually. PEXELS PHOTO

Retiring CEO of Halton Healthcare Denise Hardenne tops the list of Oakville public sector employees who made this year’s Ontario Sunshine List.

The healthcare executive, whose 23-year chapter with Halton Healthcare recently came to a close, brought home 20 per cent more in pay in 2022 compared to 2021, receiving a salary of $592,987.94.

The annual list which is released each spring discloses the salaries for any public service employee who makes over $100,000.

Hardenne’s salary pails in comparison to the top three paid public employees in the province, all who work at Ontario Power Generation.

Kenneth Hartwick, CEO of the electricity Crown corporation once again topped the annual list with a salary of $1.7 million.

Janet Morrison, Sheridan College President and Vice Chancellor, was next on the list of highest paid Oakville public sector employees. The Sheridan executive earned $471,151.94 in 2022. That’s up 17.4 per cent from her pay in 2021.

Halton Regional Police Chief Steve Tanner was next on the list of highest paid Oakville public employees, with his pay going up 2.98 per cent this year to $335,437.89

Halton Healthcare Chief of Staff Dr. David McConachie earned $326,107.16 in 2022. That’s down slightly 0.12 per cent from 2021.

Hamidah Meghani, Halton Medical Officer of Health, rounded out the top five, earning $320,762.20 in 2022. That’s down 14.3 per cent from the previous year.

Oakville Mayor Rob Burton was the highest paid elected official, earning $201,795.86 in 2002. Up 2.68 per cent from 2021.

Oakville MPPs Stephen Crawford and Effie Triantofilopoulos each took home $133,407.36 in 2022, down a tiny 0.01 per cent for their earnings in 2021.

Halton Chair Garry Carr’s earnings were up 2.88 per cent in 2022 to $200,295.70.

Several other Town of Oakville employees earned over $200,000 this year, with Jane Clohecy, Chief Administrative Officer getting paid 4.17 per cent more in 2022 with a salary  $291,291.79.

Neil Garbe, Commissioner, Community Development, earned $238,166.86, up 6.96 per cent, while Colleen Bell – Commissioner, Community Services took home $236,443.63, which is up 2.67 per cent.

Other top paid Town employees on the Sunshine List included Nancy Sully, Commissioner, Corporate Services, at $233,802.67 (up 6.9 per cent), Phoebe Fu, Commissioner, Community Infrastructure, at $215,834.80 (up 17.31 per cent), Tara Wong, Oakville Public Library Chief Executive Officer, at $173,046.63 (up 7.3 per cent) and Adrian Kawun, Oakville Transit Director, at $167,071.98.

Halton District School Board Director of Education Curtis Ennis had no change in his earnings in 2022, taking home $252,069.84. Retired Halton Catholic District School Board Director of Education Pat Daly made $142,398.13 this past year.

Halton Catholic District School Board Superintendent and Board Treasurer Aaron Lofts was paid $190,587.02.

Greg Sage, Chief/Director, Paramedic Services, earned 14.3 per cent less in 2022 at $205,370.71

This year’s Sunshine List had nearly 267,000 names across the province who were paid more than $100,000.

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