Here Are the Most Expensive (and Cheapest) Houses in Halton Right Now


If you're currently house hunting in the Halton Region there is no denying that prices are constantly fluctuating. 

And as of recently, according to a Zoocasa blog post, prices have been increasing due to fewer listings on the market.

The constantly changing real estate market may be confusing for some as it can be hard to budget exactly how much you're going to need to set aside for a down payment. What's the good news?

There are still options throughout the Halton Region whether you're looking for something cheaper or something with a higher price attached.

Happy house hunting, Halton!

Here, according to Zoocasa, are the most expensive and most affordable houses that are for sale in Halton right now.


To view more images of these listings, visit the above link.

1. 155 Chartwell Rd., Oakville 

Price (listed): $7,780,000

Price (sold): $7,337,500

2. 1517 Duncan Rd., Oakville

Price (listed): $3,950,000

Price (sold): $3,700,000

3. 54 Raymar Place, Oakville

Price (listed): $3,999,900

Price (sold): $3,700,000

4. 68 Barringham Dr., Oakville

Price (listed): $3,300,000

Price (sold): $3,100,000

5. 264 Balsam Dr., Oakville

Price (listed): $3,295,000

Price (sold): $3,050,000


To view more images of these listings, visit the above link.

1. 2411 New St., Unit #6, Burlington

Price (listed): $129,900

Price (sold): $156,000

2. 1270 Maple Crossing Blvd., Unit #06, Burlington

Price (listed):$299,900

Price (sold): $297,000

3. 2040 Cleaver Ave., Unit #15, Burlington

Price (listed): $309,900

Price (sold): $312,000

4. 4003 Kilmer Dr., Unit #20, Burlington

Price (listed): $329,900

Price (sold): $317,000

5. 5230 Dundas St. Unit #02, Burlington

Price (listed): $350,000

Price (sold): $334,000

All information and photos are courtesy of Zoocasa.

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