Here's How Many Unsafe Trucks Were on the Road in Halton


The results from Milton’s motor vehicle blitz are in. 

The two day event took place from Oct. 3 to Oct. 4 in Milton at the Mohawk Raceway.

The event was put on by the Halton Regional Police in partnership with other police and law enforcement agencies.

The goal of the event was to work towards keeping unsafe transport trucks off the roads.

According to a recent press release, following the blitz officers and inspectors from the Halton Regional Police Service, as well as six other police services, the Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of Finance/Environment generated the following results:

  • Total commercial motor vehicles inspected: 443
  • Total commercial motor vehicles taken out of service: 143 (32 per cent failure rate)
  • Total charges laid: 268
  • Sets of licence plates seized by police: 13

Blitz results from 2017:

  • Total commercial motor vehicles inspected: 477
  • Total commercial motor vehicles taken out of service: 156 (33 per cent failure rate)
  • Total charges laid: 331
  • Sets of licence plates seized by police: 24

Top six charges laid during the 2018 blitz:

  • Vehicle maintenance (40 charges) - includes tires, horn, lighting
  • Fail to complete daily inspection (39 charges)
  • Improper brakes (38 charges)
  • Overweight vehicle (30 charges)
  • Failure to complete annual inspection (28 charges)
  • Improper class of licence (18 charges)

The results of the 2018 Halton commercial motor vehicle blitz, while encouraging, indicate that there remains much work to be done to ensure commercial motor vehicles are safe - and are the very reason that these blitzes will continue in cooperation with our partner agencies,” Sergeant Ryan Snow, Traffic Services Unit, said in a recent press release.

While overall charges are down, the number of commercial vehicles that continue to have preventable defects remains similar to last year (32 per cent vs 33 per cent out of service).  Compliance is a choice; Halton Police provides truck operators with numerous educational opportunities throughout the year to remain informed and compliant. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. The rules of the road apply equally to all motor vehicle operators and ensuring a mechanically fit, safely loaded and secure vehicle remains the law. As always, safer trucks equate to safer roads.”

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