Here’s How Milton is Making Roads Safer for Pedestrians


The town of Milton is actively working to make roads safer for its pedestrians. Recently, several pedestrian crossovers were installed in the town.

But what exactly is a crossover?

According to the town’s website, “A pedestrian crossover is a designated crossing area that allows pedestrians to safely cross the road where vehicles must yield to the pedestrian.”

They are identified with pavement markings and signs, and can be located at intersections, mid-blocks, and roundabouts.

Crossovers can be installed when the volume of pedestrian traffic exceeds 65 pedestrians in a four-hour time span, and 100 pedestrians in an eight-hour time span. They can also be installed with the volume of vehicle traffic exceeds 395 vehicles in a four-hour time span, and 750 vehicles in an eight-hour time span.

Failure to abide by the rules and laws of crossovers can result in in a fine anywhere from $150 to $500 and three demerit points.

So, where were these new crossovers installed?

According to the town’s Twitter page, during the month of August crossovers were installed at Ferguson Drive and the Union Gas Trail, Hearst Boulevard and Winter Crescent, Costigan Road and Pettit Trail, and Leiterman Drive and Dice Way.

For more information about crossovers, including how they differ from crosswalks, in the town of Milton, click here.

Photo is courtesy of the town of Milton’s Twitter page.

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