Here’s How the City of Burlington is Addressing Development


Over-intensification and development have been major issues in the City of Burlington for quite some time.

These issues, however, are not going unnoticed by the city's new Mayor, Marianne Meed Ward.

Meed Ward issued a statement today (Jan. 25) that highlights how the city is planning to address development.

In the statement Meed Ward announced that she will be bringing forward a motion to re-examine the policies of the city's official plan that was adopted, though not officially approved, in April of 2018. According to the statement, the Halton Region recently identified areas of non-conformity.

Matters of height and density will be reviewed in the motion.

The goal of this motion is to gain the time needed to address the issues highlighted by the Region.

The motion, according to the statement, will also provide clarity to staff and to Burlington residents that city staff are not to use the adopted 2018 plan in evaluating current or new development applications.

The existing official plan is still in full legal force and effect. 

"Multiple analyses by staff in assessing development applications, downtown in particular, have made it clear we do not need to over-intensify in order to meet our obligations under the places to grow legislation," Meed Ward said in the statement.

A timeline regarding this motion will be discussed at the next committee meeting. 

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