Here’s How the Town of Milton is Working to Improve Traffic Flow


If you have been frustrated with traffic flow in Milton we have some good news, the town has been working to resolve this issue. 

The town has started to use an innovative traffic management system, which, has proven to be very effective.  

This system is known as the Miovision TrafficLink System. It uses specialized technology that helps engineers analyze traffic data in order to create more responsive and efficient traffic networks. 

This system currently targets the traffic flow at Thompson Road South, between Main Street East and Derry Road. 

The goal of this system is to calm traffic, improve the travel experience for motorists going to the Milton GO Station, reduce congestion, and decrease travel times.

Equipment installation for the Thompson Road South project began in the spring of 2018 and followed the success of a summer pilot project in 2017. 

The pilot project took place in the town's downtown core, along Main Street East. With the same technology, traffic issues were resolved.

The initial press release for this project states: 

"Within four weeks of installing the system, town staff were able to identify the cause of poor traffic progression, implement a solution and measure the impact of their corrective actions, all from a comprehensive web-based portal."

The press release also stated that, "The downtown pilot resulted in an 8.5 - 10 per cent reduction in instances where traffic control signals did not provide enough green light time to serve vehicles waiting for movement."

What do you think of the traffic flow in Milton, would you like to see this system installed in other areas?

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