Here’s How You Can Protect Yourself From Coyotes in Oakville


How can you protect yourself from coyotes in Oakville and should you be scared?

Seeing a coyote in Oakville is not necessarily a cause for alarm since Coyotes are not considered a significant risk to people, according to the town.

They typically avoid people whenever possible, however, coyotes are still a wild animal that could be dangerous. 

Here's how you can protect yourself from coyotes in Oakville. 

If you confront a coyote when out for a walk:

  • Make sure pets are attended and on leash.
  • Do not turn your back on or run.
  • Stand tall, wave your arms, shout, and make lots of noise.
  • If you see pups, think there are pups in the area, or if the coyote is not frightened away keep your dog on a short leash, pick up small pets and children, and back away from the area. If this happens, consider changing your route for a few weeks. The coyote may have been denning in the area but with time will likely move on.
  • Do not leave food waste in town garbage cans in parks, this could attract rodents which could attract coyotes.

How to discourage coyotes from entering your property:

  • Watch animals while they are in the yard. 
  • Remove all water and food sources from your yard, including birdseed and ripe or rotted fruit that has fallen to the ground. 
  • Keep garbage, compost, and pet food in a place that coyotes cannot access.
  • Clean up after your dog. Coyotes are attracted to dog feces.
  • Remove long grass, dead brush and wood piles since they can provide possible den sites for coyotes or other wild animals that could attract coyotes.
  • Ensure gaps around and under decks and sheds are closed off with wire screening.
  • Use motion sensors.

Check out the town's coyote reporting form. It is compatible with mobile devices and allows users to upload pictures, videos, and post to social media. 

Through the coyote reporting form, the town is working with the Oakville Humane Society to help with locating and treating infected coyotes. Residents are advised to report coyote sightings and activity through this form.

To learn where coyotes have been seen visit the coyote sightings map. This mapping reflects reported sightings but is not meant to specify the number of coyotes present or a complete profile of where coyotes are in Oakville. 

What about relocating or eliminating coyotes?

Capture and relocation of coyotes more than one kilometre away is not permitted under the province's Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act.

If a coyote poses an immediate threat to safety, call 911.

Contact the Oakville Humane Society at 905-845-1551 if you encounter a coyote you believe to be sick or injured.

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