Here’s What the Oakville Mayoral Candidates are Saying About the Glen Abbey Golf Course


The future of the golf course remains unknown but is still actively discussed

Last year the town initiated a court application to determine its rights and jurisdiction under the Ontario Heritage Act in connection with the Glen Abbey Golf Course.

This action was taken in response to the announcement by ClubLink, the owners of the golf course, that it would be seeking an application to demolish all buildings (other than the Raydor Estate and the Stables) on the site and remove the Glen Abbey Golf Course in its entirety.

 Earlier this year, ClubLink and the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) filed a Notice of Application to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice appealing Council’s approval of the Cultural Heritage Landscape Conservation Plan By-law 2018-019, the Ontario Heritage Act Delegation Powers By-law 2018-020, the Cultural Heritage Landscape Conservation Plan for the Glen Abbey Property and Council’s resolution to endorse proposed amendments to Site Alteration By-law 2003-021, the Private Tree Protection By-law 2017-038, and the Property Standards By-law 2017-007.

This court hearing was rescheduled to Oct. 22 and Oct. 23, 2018, from Sept. 13 and Sept. 14, 2018.

From Oct. 17 to Oct. 19, 2018, there will be an LPAT case management conference. 

This conference is to take place regarding ClubLink’s appeal of the town’s official plan and zoning bylaw changes approved by Council earlier this year. This appeal was filed by ClubLink on May 8, 2018, under the new LPAT rules. 

With these rules, there is a 10-month mandatory time period where the LPAT has to make a decision in the appeal. Prior to a hearing, LPAT will hold a case management conference to deal with procedural issues.

A second LPAT pre-hearing conference will take place regarding ClubLink’s appeal of the Council’s decision on Sept. 27, 2017, to refuse the applications to redevelop the golf course.

The current options for now include Glen Abbey Golf Course remaining a golf course or being redeveloped.

With the municipal elections coming up here is what the three Oakville mayoral candidates are saying about the matter:

Rob Burton:

Burton’s website highlights the candidates top 10 goals for the next term if elected. Number one is ‘Win court cases to save Glen Abbey.’ 

His website also highlights the initiatives he has taken and is proud of regarding the golf course. They include: 

  • Protecting the cultural heritage landscape designation of the Glen Abbey Golf Course
  • The refusal of the application by ClubLink to destroy the Glen Abbey Golf Course
  • The denial of the application to turn the Glen Abbey Golf Course into a subdivision of 3,222 homes

Visit Burton’s website here.

Julia Hanna:

According to her website, Hanna is proposing a third option to the two listed about, turning the golf course into the Central Park of Oakville.

I am committed to saving all of this precious green jewel at the centre of the Oakville community,” Hanna states on her website. 

My approach and vision will save all Glen Abbey for the benefit of the entire community.”

Hanna’s website continues,

I believe that Oakville deserves better,” Hanna states. 

Glen Abbey could be the Central Park of Oakville. As Mayor, I am committed to save Glen Abbey for the benefit of ALL of Oakville’s citizens. I believe making Glen Abbey the Central Park of Oakville is an exciting prospect. I will open consultation and dialogue to find the best green VISION for Oakville.”

Visit Hanna’s website here.

John McLaughlin:

Although McLaughlin does not outline his views on his website. The candidate is quite vocal about the issue on his Twitter page.  





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