Here’s What You Need to Know About Burlington’s Loose Leaf Collection


It's that time of year again, loose leaf collection time.

Here's what you need to know about Burlington's loose leaf collection service.

Leaves will be collected between Nov. 9 and Dec. 14. 

Once these dates have passed, leaves will no longer be collected and must be put out for pickup with garden waste.

According to the city, residents are encouraged to follow the guidelines outlined below: 

  • Know your collection dates to avoid putting out leaves too early
  • Make sure leaves are not covering catch basins or in the ditches
  • Ensure that leaves do not contain branches or other debris.  Leaves mixed with other waste will not be collected
  • Remove all sports equipment, parked vehicles and/or other obstructions from the road to allow city crews clear access to leaf piles
  • Place leaves up to the edge of the curb or roadway, but not on the road, in a loose pile so they can be reached by city equipment
  • Avoid placing leaves on sidewalks and walkways
  • Do not place garbage bags, garbage bins, blue boxes or GreenCarts on top of loose-leaf piles.

If you do not want to use Burlington's loose leaf collection service, alternative options include composting leaves, delivering leaves to the Halton Waste Management Site in paper bags, or in bulk for composting, or mulching leaves to use in gardens. 

Photo courtesy of the city of Burlington. 

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