Here's What's Happening With Milton's Fire Department Station 1


Renovations to Milton's Fire Department Station 1 are underway and they are getting a lot of new improvements.

Fire Station 1 was built in 1977 and now operates as the training centre for fire suppression staff.

The 2017 capital budget included a project to rehabilitate Fire Station 1 to meet the needs of the growing fire service.

The renovations will add multiple training rooms, including a simulation room and storage systems/space to support the Town's firefighter training needs.

Living areas will also be improved to support future staff members joining in coming years.

The building itself while also see some major improvements including reinforcement to the building's structure, a new building exterior, improvements to the drainage system and various interior improvements to accessibility and life-safety design.

They will also be replacing the existing air filtration system, which is designed to remove airborne contaminants introduced to the station from all fire trucks, equipment, gear and uniforms after being exposed to fire.

Detailed design of the renovations started in late 2016 and construction began earlier this year.

Photo courtesy of the Milton Fire Department

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