Here’s What’s Happening with Some Heritage Properties in Milton


There are a number of heritage properties throughout the Halton Region, however, the number of listed properties in the town of Milton could soon dwindle.

In a report that will go to council on May 27, 2019, it was noted that the last Heritage List was approved by Milton council in October back in 2016.

Since then a number of listed properties have been either demolished or have received approval for demolition. 

As a result, in efforts to bring the list up to date, it has been recommended that council approves the revised Heritage List, and updates Milton's Register of Properties for Cultural Heritage.

According to the report, there are presently 23 properties that should be removed from the list.

These properties are as follows.

As noted in the report, there are currently more than 1,000 properties of cultural heritage value or interest recorded on the town's heritage list.

Residents should take note that properties can be added or removed from the heritage list, and addresses can change.

"It is therefore recommended that you double check with staff regarding the heritage value of any individual property," reads the report.

Graphics are courtesy of the town of Milton.

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