Important Changes Coming to Tow Truck Licensing in Oakville This Year


Some pretty important changes are coming to tow truck licensing in the town of Oakville this year.

According to the town’s website, Oakville is implementing a tow truck licensing by-law that will regulate towing prices on private property. In addition, the by-law will also work to ensure that only licensed tow truck owners, and vehicle storage yards, are operating in the town.

As a result, in order to operate in Oakville, all tow truck owners, or anyone who operates a vehicle storage yard, will be required to obtain a licence in 2020 and renew it annually.

The by-law, as mentioned, will be implemented this year.

According to the town’s website, tow truck licensing is important for a few different reasons.

Tow truck companies provide an essential service in our community,” reads the town’s website. “Licensing will help ensure that residents have safe, consistent and reliable options after a collision or breakdown or when their vehicle is towed from private property.”

A draft of the by-law will be presented to council on June 25, 2019, at a special council meeting.

Residents who are interested in learning more about the by-law can attend the meeting which is taking place at 7 p.m. at Town Hall (1225 Trafalgar Rd.).

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