Mayor of Halton Hills Addresses Anonymous Accusations


The Mayor of Halton Hills, Rick Bonnette, has recently addressed anonymous accusations.

The accusations were regarding the hiring practices at town hall.

According to the town, the accusations, which were received in an anonymous email, were coupled with erroneous and misleading information that was circulating in the community.

This prompted Bonnette to write an open letter to the community. 

Here is Mayor Bonnette's open letter:

To begin, let me thank you for the trust and confidence you have placed in me. I am humbled and proud to serve as your Mayor for the nex t four years and I am committed to earning your trust every day.

On September 4, I received an anonymous email containing accusations against the Town regarding our hiring practices and personnel management.  Town Council felt it was important to address these allegations, and so we undertook a comprehensive review of them with the assistance of legal counsel.  We concluded that the allegations have no merit.  Let me be clear: we believe there is no validity to the assertions in the email. 

The Town also undertook legal action to obtain a court order compelling Microsoft to take steps to help us identify the sender(s) of the email. We took this step because the Town, as an employer, has a legal obligation to investigate instances of workplace harassment, which we believe this to be. The court granted the order, but Microsoft was unable to provide the information.  

I would ask the individual(s) who wrote this email to come forward and engage me and Town Council.  I welcome this discussion. The people of Halton Hills know me to be a forthright leader and I encourage open and transparent dialogue.

I have often commented on how proud I am of our small Town values. This is how the Corporation is run. Many of our employees live in Town and deliberately choose to work for the municipality. We have numerous family members employed throughout the organization. We encourage this. People who live here work hard to make their community a better place for all and this is a fact of life in a small community. 

The buck stops with me and the rest of Town Council. If you ever have questions about the Town and its operations, contact me or your Councillor.  I also encourage you to review the Town’s website and subscribe to our digital communications to receive topical information.

Keeping it real.

Mayor Rick Bonnette

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