Mayor: Those with a need for speed on Oakville parkway will find it ‘too expensive’


Published May 11, 2023 at 5:26 pm

Halton Region Police said over 100 speeders and 11 stunt drivers were intercepted in the last 30 days on William Halton Parkway. HRPS PHOTO

Oakville’s William Halton Parkway has turned into a bit of a speedway over the last month, but Oakville Mayor Rob Burton believes that will soon change.

Halton Regional Police have been kept busy on the stretch of road over the last 30 or so days thanks to drivers with a heavy foot who aren’t respecting the 60 Km/h posted speed limit.

“The punishment for all those folks that got caught I hope will deter them from repeating the exploit,” Burton told’s Khaled Iwamura in their monthly video chat.

Halton police took time to remind the public on Twitter that the parkway is well watched and have made sure the speed limit is being “strictly enforced.”

Over the last 100 days, said Halton police, over 100 speeders and 11 stunt drivers have been intercepted on the road over the last 30 days.

“William Halton Parkway is a relatively unpopulated street, so I imagine people with a craze for speed have been attracted there thinking, ‘Oh, I’ll get away with it,'” said Burton. “And, guess what? No, they didn’t get away with it.”

In an effort to deal with traffic demands and provide new travel options, Halton Region extended William Halton Parkway (Regional Rd. 40) to create a new east-west corridor from Bronte Rd. (Regional Rd. 25) to Ninth Line (Regional Rd. 13) in Oakville.

Burton is confident local law enforcement will continue to do a good job enforcing the speed limit and believes the dent it puts in one’s wallet or purse should bring speeds down on the road.

“I think this is one of those self correcting problems,” the Oakville Mayor said. “We’ll keep enforcing and people will gradually discover it’s way too expensive to do that.”

Or even worse.

“You lose your car, right?,” added Burton of the possibility of speeders having their cars impounded as well.

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