Milton man evicted from house in Big Brother Canada but goes out dancing


Published April 21, 2023 at 4:37 pm

Milton's Hope Agbolosoo, right, is used as a resting post by his ally Saskatoon's Anika Mysha. (Screenshot: Global-TV)

Hope Agbolosoo was evicted from the TV show Big Brother Canada last night (April 20) but he went out the way he came in on Day One – smiling, laughing and mostly dancing.

Probably the happiest of spirits from the whole season, the Milton man, the youngest in the house at age 23, lead the remaining cast members in a huge ensemble dance before walking out the door.

While it was clearly pre-rehearsed, it showed the affection his housemates – allies or not – felt for him.

Even with his infectious laughter and ever-present smile, the beloved contestant got caught in a number crunch at the end and despite dodging eviction three times prior, the fourth trip to the block was his final as the five available voters chose to keep B.C.’s Kuzie Mujakachi by a 4-to-1 vote.

That said, a couple of the women who were not even in his alliance – Vaughan’s Renee Mior and B.C. bartender Shanaya Carter – were either in tears or on the verge of it when they voted for him.

Agbolosoo did have a chance to get himself off the eviction block after being put there by P.E.I.’s wee but feisty Claudia Campbell but Toronto’s Ty McDonald, as surly as ever, narrowly beat him in the Power of Veto competition to remove himself, instead.

Ironically, while Agbolosoo was upbeat with his dancing shoes, it provided a stark contrast to the previous week when he broke down into tears after the eviction of his ride-or-die best buddy, Newfoundland fisherman Jonothan Leonard.

Even stranger, Leonard’s eviction meant Agbolosoo could stay put as both were in the hot seats. That said, the two best brothers can now reunite in the Jury House and help decide the winner of the game.

Big Brother Canada airs Tuesday (7 pm), Wednesday (9 pm), and Thursday (7 pm) on Global-TV.

Always with a ready smile, Milton’s Hope Agbolosoo, right, was evicted as he sat on the block next to B.C.’s Kuzie Mujakachi.

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