Milton Prepares For Winter Early With a New App


While Summer isn’t over just yet, Milton’s city council is already preparing for the winter.

At a recent council meeting, Milton’s commissioner of engineering service Paul Cripps detailed a new online service that residents can use to track snowplows.

We’ll be bringing forward a new service available online called ‘plow tracks’ that will be launched in the not-too-distant future,” said Cripps.”It gives people an indication where the plows have been, which in turn would help them understand where the plows are going to be.”

Cripps also explained that one of the most significant factors that keep snow removal on side streets from going smoothly is parked cars. Cripps said that the town must crack down more on parking enforcement. 

This will be a challenge for the town to address, but councillor Zeeshan Hamid hopes that the city will use technology existing and new tech, such as through the MyMilton app, to give people a better indication of when the plow would be in their neighbourhood, so they know when to obey parking restrictions.

If we tell residents don’t park their cars on the street for the next 24 hours because (the plow) might show up at any point in the next 24 hours … then we shouldn’t be surprised that they’re not complying,” said Hamid.

Only time will tell if the council can achieve these goals. Luckily there is still time between now and the winter months.

What do you think about the new app and how parking effects snow removal?

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