Milton Working to Improve Transportation for Pedestrians and Cyclists


The town of Milton is actively taking steps to improve transportation for pedestrians and cyclists.

On Aug. 8, 2019, the town announced that it had initiated a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) study. During the study, as noted in a press release from Milton, the town will consider the construction of a new pedestrian and cyclist connection.

This connection would be located across the Canadian National Railway between Louis St. Laurent Avenue and Britannia Road.


The town of Milton has noted that there are several homes, schools, and parks located on both sides of the rail corridor. And as a result, Milton has noted that there is a need to provide more efficient and safer ways to access these areas in the community.

As a result, the study was created. 

During this study, the town will be hosting an online engagement event as well as a Public Information Centre (PIC) to seek feedback,” reads the release. “Our online engagement event is currently scheduled for September 2019; the PIC is currently scheduled for November 2019, with the exact dates to be determined.”

The goal of the online engagement will be to gather feedback and input on the project, while the goal of the PIC event will be to provide an overview of the study process while discussing the potential features of the crossing. 

What do you think of this study and transportation link (known as the Boyne Active Transportation Link)?

Graphic is courtesy of the town of Milton.

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