New Jamaican Restaurant Opens in Burlington


Summer is the perfect time to pig out on Jamaican fare in Burlington.

It’s hot so you might as well make your taste buds tingle.

And now, there’s a new place to do just that.

There's jerk chicken salad, festivals, roti, and oxtail -- the essential island menu items.

Jusjerk Caribbean Restaurant opened in Burlington about four months ago.

You’ll find it along Fairview St., west of Walkers Line. 

The menu also offers curry goat, patties, and vegetable roti.

There’s room to dine in, too.

So if you're in the mood for some rich or spicy Caribbean food, there's another option in Halton worth checking out.

Jusjerk Caribbean Restaurant

3300 Fairview St., Burlington , OntarioCover photo courtesy of Jusjerk

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