Oakville and Burlington Among the Worst Places to Take Your Driving Test in Ontario


Taking your road test is nerve-wracking enough without the added pressure of knowing the failure rate in the city you’re taking it in. But the results are in, and Oakville and Burlington have some of the highest road test failure rates in all of Ontario as of Nov. 2017!

That’s right, you might have suspected it, and it’s true. Oakville has one of the highest road test failure rates in Ontario for drivers taking their G2 (43 per cent), and one of the highest road test failure rates for drivers taking their G (45 per cent), according to Google Maps.

O-Town ranked seventh overall.

Google Maps’ map of the average failure percentage rates at DriveTest locations in Ontario is a colour-coded depiction of failure rates across the province. Those marked in red have a failure rate of over 40 per cent, those in yellow have a failure rate of 39 to 25 per cent, and those labelled green have a failure rate of less than that.

Brampton tops the list.

Following close behind B Dot in the “red” zone are Downsview at 52 per cent failure rate for a G2, and 45 per cent for a G, and Etobicoke at 51 per cent for a G1 and 47 per cent for a G.

Port Union, Tillsonburg, and East York round out the top six.

Burlington, in the yellow zone, ranked 17th overall for drivers taking their G2 (36 per cent), and drivers taking their G (31 per cent).

Drivers have a better chance of passing in the yellow zone, in other cities like Guelph, Hamilton, Orangeville, and Timmins, and in the green zone in cities like Sarnia, Sudbury, and Belleville, if you’re willing to drive that far to take your test.

The easiest place to take a road test (the city with the lowest failure rates) is Kenora at 7 per cent to obtain a G2 license and 16 per cent to obtain a G.

Of course, several factors come into play when it comes to passing your G2 or your G - your abilities as a driver first and foremost. Whether failure rates are high or low at a particular driving centre doesn’t necessarily play a role in whether you’ll pass or fail.

So practice hard and remember to check your blind spots.

Best of luck to anyone taking a road test in Halton and beyond!

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