Oakville launches new program for seniors struggling with feelings of isolation


Oakville has launched a new program to help seniors combat feelings of isolation and loneliness caused by the pandemic.

Due to the fact long-term care facilities have been especially ravaged by the virus, coupled with the fact residents of these facilities are at higher risk of complications due to the virus, many facilities have had to restrict guests from visiting the residents.

As a result, many seniors may be feeling isolated and depressed from lack of human interaction aside from caregivers.

In order to help alleviate such feelings, as of June 1, the Town has launched a program called Seniors Centres Without Walls, which is a free and interactive program that connects seniors 50 years of age and older.

The program will be offering 30- to 60-minute conversation sessions related to various topics starting at 10 a.m. from Monday to Friday.

The program is free to participate, and there is no need for special equipment--all participants need is a phone.

Further, participants don't need to be a member of Oakville Senior Services to take part.

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