Oakville & Milton Humane Society Takes in 36 Cats


The Oakville & Milton Humane Society recently announced that they have taken in 36 cats.

All of the cats were taken in from one house.

The Oakville & Milton Human Society (OMHS) announced on Facebook that a couple who had become overwhelmed with the number of cats in their care, surrendered them to the society.

The OMHS did not say where the couple was from.

Since coming to the shelter the cats have received a veterinary exam to assess their needs,” reads an OMHS Facebook post. “Our RVTs have performed vaccinations, viral testing, fecal testing and deworming, and treatment for external parasites. All are in need of spaying or neutering and some have moved to foster care.”

Several of the animals require medical treatment. Most, notes the Facebook post, will require on-going care and behavioural support to help them overcome their fearfulness before they can be adopted.  

The OMHS relies on donations to help care for their animals. For more information, click here.

Photo is courtesy of the Oakville & Milton Human Society’s Facebook page.

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