Over 100 break and enters this past month in Burlington, Oakville, Milton and Georgetown


Published May 28, 2023 at 12:02 pm

Police have responded to over a hundred break-and-enters across Burlington, Oakville, Milton and Georgetown in the last 31 days.

According to Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS) data, there were a total of 122 break-and-enter cases beginning from Apr. 27 to May 27. This report also shows that in comparison to March (2023) there have been 49 fewer incidents (overall) of this kind.

The cities and towns saw their fair share of crimes related to break-ins, with 54 of these incidents happening in Burlington, 41 in Oakville, 24 in Milton and 3 in Georgetown.

The map below shows where these incidents took place:

Police data also indicates that the following places were targeted: 53 houses, 37 stores, eight schools, and 24 other businesses.

Of these break and enters 26 of the incidents took place over the Victoria Day long weekend. (May. 20 – May. 23)

As of Sunday May. 28, police have not mentioned in their reports of how many of the break and enter cases are solved and how many continue to be investigated.

A notable break and enter case from this month happened in Milton where a local resident gained entry to into six homes via unlocked doors or windows. Once inside, the suspect went from room to room, stealing items. Several of the entries occurred while occupants of the homes were asleep.

Halton Regional Police say, “often targeted homes are the ones that appear completely dark inside, or have left the same lights on for too long. Other signs that burglars look for to determine if the owner might be away, is if the lawn has not been cut or treated and snow hasn’t been cleared.”

To reduce the possibility of a break and enter, police recommend the following  preventative tips to residents:

  • Install secure locks on all doors and windows.
  • Keep your garage and mandoor locked at all times.
  • Consider installing security cameras.
  • New homeowners should change all the locks before moving in.
  • High value items such as lawn mowers, snow blowers, and gas barbecues should be stored out of sight when not in use.
  • Garden sheds and cabanas should also be locked.
  • Maintain record of serial numbers and descriptions of your household possessions.
  • Inscribe your possessions with your name or other easily identifiable markings so that police can confirm them as yours and return them to you.
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