Paying Your Taxes in Milton Could be Made Easier


Pretty soon it'll be that time of year again.

Tax season.

And the way you pay your taxes in Milton could change.

If you're a Milton resident who has been looking for an easier way to pay taxes, your opportunity has come.

According to the town, the town can make pre-authorized automatic withdrawals from your bank account for tax payments.

This is known as the Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Program (PTP).

The instructions to partake in the PTP are as follows:

  • Fill out the PTP Application Form, which can be found here.
  • Attach a void cheque to the application (line of credit, credit card and savings cheques cannot be used)
  • Return the application form and void cheque to Milton's town hall.

In order to be eligible for this tax season, residents must sign up by Nov. 1.

Note that residents can only enroll in the PTP if all tax installments due to prior to the enrollment deadline have been paid in full.

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