Residents Can Have Their Say on This Proposed Development in Burlington


Back in August of 2018, an article was published on regarding a development that had been proposed for the City of Burlington.

A development application was submitted by bcIMC Realty Corporation back in October of 2017.

The application, according to a recent blog post on Burlington Mayor Marianne Meed Ward's website, is proposing 1,450 residential rental units within a mix of townhouse, mid-rise and high-rise buildings.

So, where would these units be located? As noted in the previous inhalton article, these units are proposed for Burlington's Georgian Court neighbourhood.

If approved, this development would impact approximately 8.4 hectares of land - at 610 and 611 Surrey Lane, 865 King Road, 615 and 699 Marley Road, and 847, 871, 894 and 917 Warwick Drive - on the east side of King Road, South of Plains Road East.

"The area currently contains 280 rental townhouse units," reads the blog post. "The redevelopment proposes the successive demolition of the existing townhouse units and replacing them [with] new apartments and townhouse blocks."

In addition, as noted in Meed Ward's blog post, low-rise street townhouses and back-to-back townhouses of up to three storeys have also been proposed. These developments would be located along the outer perimeter of the site. 

Mid-rise buildings of generally up to eight storeys, with one at 11 storeys, have also been proposed central to the site. The purpose of this is to frame a new central park area. 

Furthermore, some taller buildings have been proposed as well.

"Three taller buildings of 16, 19 and 20 storeys are proposed at the northern portion of the site," notes the blog post. "A total of 200 townhouse units are proposed (all three-bedroom units) along with 1,250 apartment units."

It's safe to say that quite a lot is being proposed for this area which has left some residents concerned.

"I have heard from many people their concerns about the displacement of residents if this application is greenlit [to give permission to move forward with a project]," Meed Ward noted in her blog post. "I want to let residents and the community know, I am looking into what tools we would have available to protect low-income residents during and after the transition period."

Residents who want to share their thoughts regarding this application are invited to attend a public meeting on Tuesday, April 2. The meeting will commence at 6:30 p.m. and will be held inside Council Chambers at Burlington City Hall.

For more details about the application, or to follow along with the application process, visit

Photo is courtesy of Marianne Meed Ward's website.

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