Residents Can Weigh in on Where Milton Should Spend Money in 2020


Milton is inviting residents and business owners to weigh in on where they think the town should spend its money next year.

Residents and business owners can share their thoughts on the 2020 capital and operating budgets by participating in the ‘Let’s Talk Budget’ survey.

There are two ways to participate in the survey, which will be available until June 14, 2019.

Residents can complete the online survey, or participate in a phone survey by responding to calls from Nanos Research - a Canadian public research and opinion company. The Nanos phone number will display as 416-493-1965.

By participating in the survey, Milton residents will be able to provide information pertaining to what is important to them

We encourage residents and business owners to provide their feedback through the budget survey to help identify priorities for Milton,” Glen Cowan, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, said in a statement. “Community input is an essential part of the budget process and we want to hear what is important to Miltonians.”

The 2020 capital and operating budgets, according to a recent press release, will be developed according to the following steps.

May-June 2019: Public consultation
Summer 2019: Council establishes budget guidelines including survey consideration
Fall 2019: Town staff develops the budget based on council approved guidelines 
December 2019: Council deliberates and approves the budget

The 2019 approved capital budget was $55 million, and the approved operating budget was $136 million. 

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