Residents Warned About Poor Driving in Milton


The road can be a dangerous place for both pedestrians and drivers.

The town of Milton is urging residents to follow road rules.

According to the town, all road users have a role in protecting pedestrians and making the world safe for walking. 

The town is urging motorists to look out for pedestrians and reminding pedestrians to be cautious both on and off the roadway.

According to a recent news release, Milton is taking an innovative and educational approach to inform citizens about road and pedestrian safety. 

Educational videos. 

These videos highlight what to do at school crossingspedestrian crossovers and uncontrolled intersections.

The safety of our school children, and all of our community members, comes first in the Town of Milton,” Milton Mayor Gord Krantz said in a recent news release.

It is important that drivers, cyclists and pedestrians work together to ensure everyone’s safety by complying with the laws. We hope these videos will enhance safety while providing tips for safely navigating roadways as a pedestrian.”

In Canada recently there has been a consistent upward trend in pedestrian fatalities.

The town of Milton notes that, according to Transport Canada, there are around 300 pedestrian fatalities in a year. 

The alarming number of pedestrian deaths has prompted the town to ensure the safety of pedestrians. 

Milton is taking many measures such as conducting detailed road safety assessments, educating citizens about the responsibilities of all road users, and making crosswalks more visible, in order to ensure safety. 

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