This Busy Parking Lot in Burlington Has Reopened


A very busy parking lot in downtown Burlington has reopened.

And residents and visitors can use it for free all month.

The city project team and general contractor have worked hard to have it ready, said the city’s executive director of capital works Allan Magi.

Similar to the promenade at Spencer Smith Park, the new pathway will accommodate both pedestrians and cyclists safely and provide access to other walkways, shops and restaurants along its length. We look forward to its final completion in spring 2018,” said Magi.

City parking lot 5, on Brant St. between James St. and Pine St., reopened on Dec. 1 for public use while construction continues.

Here’s what it looked like in the last two weeks of November:

Here’s a new photo via the City of Burlington.

Residents and visitors will be able to use the parking lot just in time for Free P - free parking for the month of December in downtown Burlington.

The new multi-use pathway runs east-west across the heart of downtown Burlington from Martha St. to Brant St.:

Phase One - between Pearl St. and Elizabeth St. was completed in June 2017

Phase Two - between Elizabeth St. and John St. is currently under construction and is expected to be completed in spring 2018

Phase Three - between John St. and Brant St. is currently under construction and is expected to be completed in spring 2018

Phase Four - between Martha St. and Pearl St. is forecasted for construction in 2019.

Features of the construction taking place between Elizabeth St. and Brant St. include:

Creation of a new multi-use pathway connection that will run from Pearl Street to Brant Street

A new second driveway entrance for parking lot 5 from John Street

Resurfacing of parking areas

Replacement of three bus shelters on both sides of John Street

New trees and plants

New benches, LED lighting and a bike shelter

A new Electric Vehicle charging station in parking lot 5

A 300 m2 public space beside Brant Street with areas for seating and entertainment

A new public art piece, Portal.

Rendering courtesy of the City of Burlington

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Accessibility improvements to the area include: a barrier-free continuous pathway; fully accessible transit shelters and parking spaces; regular spaced seating opportunities; accessible benches; and a clearly marked pedestrian crossing with tactile walking surface indicators.

Through a Request for Expression of Interest released in March 2017, Studio F minus was selected to be part of the team designing the new public space near Brant Street. This works includes the creation of a new sculpture called Portal.

Portal uses colour, light, and optical effects to act as both a mirror reflecting the past and a window to the future. The artwork is made from two 10-foot diameter panes of glass sandwiching a ring of lights, encased in a frame and set on a concrete pedestal. As the internal lighting changes colour, the artwork can alternate between reflective and transparent.

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