This Oakville Location Will be Recognized as a Heritage Property


There are a lot of places in the town of Oakville that deserve to be recognized.

With that being said, the number of heritage properties recognized in the town keeps on rising. 

Now, another location will be added to the rising list.

According to the town, Oakville's town council passed by-law 2018-129 to designate Trafalgar Memorial, located at 120 Oak Park Blvd., as a property of cultural heritage value and interest.

Trafalgar Memorial is located in Memorial Park, a town-owned park that is surrounded by Oak Park Boulevard on the east, Central Park Drive on the south, Georgian Drive on the west, and Hays Boulevard on the north. 

The Trafalgar Memorial has cultural heritage value due to its historical associations with the former Trafalgar township, the former hamlet of Trafalgar (also known as Post's Corners and Postville), and with veterans of war from Trafalgar Township. 

Dedicated in 2005, Trafalgar Memorial was designed and built as a war memorial.

The memorial acknowledges around 700 veterans from the former Trafalgar township who served during WWI, WWII and the Korean War.

Significant attributes of the Trafalgar Memorial include the brick garden walls made of red bricks recovered from the former Trafalgar Memorial Hall, the layout of these walls, the arch made of red brick and stone salvaged from the former Trafalgar Memorial Hall, the design of the arch which imitates the original frontispiece of the former Trafalgar Memorial Hall, the brick monument containing the plaques made of red bricks salvaged from the former Trafalgar Memorial Hall, the design of the brick monument which is angled to represent those who have fallen in war, and the six bronze plaques on the monument.

Photo is courtesy of the town of Oakville.

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