Top 5 Cheap Pizza in Oakville

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May 29, 2017 at 6:56 pm

Cheap pizza isn’t exactly a sexy list – especially when you live in Oakville – but if you break down the economics, I think it can be. Where can I get the most bang for my buck? Sometimes I feel like dropping $60 on pizza and other times I realize I can make a better pizza at home for under $10. But then I remember how busy life is (plus the fridge is empty and the gym is more fun than grocery shopping) and sometimes I just want to pick up something to half-inhale in the car … and perhaps save a slice or two (or six) for lunch or better yet, finish it off once I get home. And for this assignment, inhale I did. Here are the top 5 cheap pizza places in Oakville.

5. Martino’s Pizza & Wings

Hot, fresh, and local. This pizza joint in a residential plaza is a favourite among those near River Oaks. Dough is made every other day, and the crust is great. (Kids who go to school next door will likely concur). I may or may not have had a few slices while driving home. Friendly service and a great pizza (which tastes homemade) are in store.  

Price for a large pepperoni: $7.99

4. Vito’s Pizza and Wings

Now here’s another gem in a residential plaza. The name rings a bell and it’s because I’ve driven past Vito’s in Milton. Turns out the pizza joints are owned by brothers. Their sauce has a hint of sweetness and it’s yummy. The cheese and pepperoni are delicious and so is the crust and when you combine all of the above, this pizza is a winner. The unassuming shop on Sixth Line consistently dishes out great pizza that’s become one of my favourites.

Price for a large pepperoni: $7.99

3. Vili’s Pizza & Wings

Their crust though … Vili’s has been been an Oakville mainstay for about 20 years, with new owners taking over in 2016. (A Turkish family is now at the helm and they’ve added shawarma to the menu). Using fresh ingredients, dough is made everyday and vegetables are washed and cut by hand. They use real Canadian mozzarella cheese. The dough is delicious, and so is the sauce, which isn’t sweet and tastes like real tomatoes. Service is friendly, and a steady stream of regulars, many whom work nearby, trickle into the shop in the Food Basics plaza on Kerr St., ordering ‘the usual.’

Price for a large pepperoni: $9

2. Palermo Pub

Regulars swear this pizza tastes even better the next day if you leave it on the counter overnight. It’s yummy and leaves me wanting to order another as soon as it’s gone. While the pizza is super greasy, the New-York style pepperoni is so tasty and a nice, subtle tasting sauce is something I’d like to see simmering on my stove. Formerly known as Jimmy Heroes, the popular restaurant has been family-owned and operated since 2004. Good luck getting a seat on wing night!

Price for a large pepperoni: $15.59 

1. Fantastico Pizza

This quaint pizzeria on Kerr St. knows how to craft a fabulous meal. The wood-stone oven draws me in and when our pizza comes out I can’t wait to dig in. Naturally, I burn the roof of my mouth with the cheese but it was totally worth it! With fresh dough and sauce, plus a nice mix of herbs, this pizza completely hits the spot. Seating is limited … nonetheless, try to enjoy this pizza at the restaurant, if you can. With more than 30 years of experience, the men behind the counter say they used to be located in east Mississauga, near Bloor St. and Fieldgate Dr. Once they moved to Kerr they never looked back. They’re fun to be around (check out a pizza dubbed the Pretentious Pie, complete with bocconcini, prosciutto, golden berries, figs, goat cheese, and blueberry honey) and their crust is downright amazing. Service, like the pizza, can be summed in one word: fantastic.

Price for a large pepperoni: $9.95

What’s your favourite cheap pizza in Oakville?

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