This link must immediately be sent to all of the Burlington cookie monsters in your life.
Shawarma has easily become one of the most recognizable staples of Mediterranean cuisine, and an after-hours favourite among Oakville’s club-goers and low-key revellers alike.
So my grandfather in Bombay never ate anything which came from an animal — it turns out he was all about that plant life eons before it became trendy (and Oakville and Burlington restos are clearl
Anything hot, cheesy, gooey, or hearty will warm you right up on a wintry Burlington day.
Oakville, Burlington, and Milton have some fantastic watering holes that’ll get you drunk on both atmosphere and booze.
You can find calamari on just about every menu in Oakville … needless to say, it’s been a fun assignment to narrow down the best dishes.
Why leave the city when you can spend date night in Burlington? There’s the waterfront, the funky restaurants, and romance galore.
Here are some random things about Oakville you probably didn’t know — they may even win you a bar bet or two in the future. If so, you owe us a beer!
It's hard to ignore the fact that Valentine's Day is coming up in Halton -- chocolate, teddy bears and lovey-dovey heart decal displays have taken over retails spaces across the city.
I’ve never had a sweet tooth but when I’m out in Oakville, eating my way across town, I’m often tempted to try something from the dessert menu.