Nothing beats an ice cream cone on a gorgeous hot day in Burlington, unless you’re having it on a funnel cake or a sugar cone.
Nothing is as mouthwatering as the smell of hot pizza ... and it's even better if said pizza is preceded by garlic bread freshly made by an Italian Nonna in Milton.
What makes a great dessert, Burlington sugar fiends? To some, cheesecake is always on the shortlist. To others, it's all about something savoury or topped with layer upon layer of chocolate.
You don’t have to trek to Toronto to work remotely from a trendy spot or enjoy a simple catch-up with your bestie …
How many Burlington peeps have been so hungry, at a certain point you’re not even hungry anymore? There’s hangry, and then there’s new levels of misery.
Whether you eat to live or eat to live, chances are you’ve consumed a meal in downtown Burlington. And if you haven’t, then you should get on that ASAP. With its lovely waterfront and sel
You dig olives, I prefer roasted peppers … let’s order a charcuterie board to get this party started in Oakville. What’s not to love?
For most people I know, burgers make up a major food group (because who doesn't love a good old slab of meat on a grill?!), and Oakville has no shortage of incredible options.
Blenders are made for vegetables … there’s green juice, beet juice, carrot concoctions, and conventional smoothies — all of which you can find in Oakville, Burlington, and Milton.
Halton’s restaurant scene is pretty incredible — we have celebrity chefs, a mix of restaurant options, fine-dining, greasy spoons and all-day breakfast joints, and beyond.