You dig olives, I prefer roasted peppers … let’s order a charcuterie board to get this party started in Oakville. What’s not to love?
Fall appetizers at a great Oakville restaurant are kind of like foreplay …
Sandwiches have a special place in my stomach.
Whether it's sweet, savoury, involves pasta, or is downright carnivorous, there's always something you can turn to in Oakville during the dead of a Canadian winter.
It’s easy to tire of eating the same old menu items (with tried and true recipes) in Oakville. If you're looking to kick things up a notch and step outside of your culinary comfort zone,
There’s gnocchi, and then there are other superfluous pasta items on the menu at seemingly all of the best restaurants in Oakville.
So my grandfather in Bombay never ate anything which came from an animal — it turns out he was all about that plant life eons before it became trendy (and Oakville and Burlington restos are clearl
My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard …
At some point or another (cough, January 1?!) many of us commit to eating a more nutrient-rich diet in the hopes of self-improvement ... unless you're already on that Oakville #gymlife.
Going out for Italian in Burlington is always a treat. There’s so much to choose from once you get there: bread, salad, calamari, pizza, pasta, meat, dessert, and of course, coffee.