What Burlington Residents’ 2018 Taxpayer Dollars Went Towards


This year is quickly coming to an end.

That means it's time to think about where those taxpayer dollars went.

According to the city, resident's total property tax bill goes towards more than just city service costs. 

Burlington's tax rate is comprised of three components: The City of Burlington, the Halton Region, and education.

The city and regional components are based on budgetary needs while the education component is based on the provincial education funding requirements. 

The residential tax rate is calculated by dividing the budgetary needs by the total assessment base. 

Following this, tax rates are set for each property class.

The city's portion of the 2018 residential tax bill overall is 43.8 cents of every tax dollar with the remaining 56.2 cents going towards the Province of Ontario and Halton Region for education taxes (Halton District School Boards). 

For 2018, each $100,000 of an urban residential assessment amounts to approximately $357 in property taxes for city services.

Here's what Burlington residents' 2018 taxpayer dollars went towards. 

The following numbers regarding where Burlington tax dollars are spent are per $100,000 of residential assessment.


In order to calculate your total property tax bill, for urban residential properties, residents can multiply their 2018 assessment value by the total urban residential tax rate.

In addition, Burlington has $2.9-billion in assets that have to be renewed. 

The renewal of these assets impact issues such as roads, stormwater management, and parks and recreation facilities which are all priorities for the city. 

For more information visit the City of Burlington official website

Tax dollar chart is courtesy of the City of Burlington.

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